Planning a School or Family Reunion? Have Hotels bid for your business!

Planning a Destination Reunion! Save Money on your Motel/Hotel!

Planning a family, school or college reunion can be challenging. One of the most expensive part of the trip are lodging and travel expenses. Besides selecting a hotel that works for everyone, you also need to make sure they all pay individually! You may also have to plan for meals and transportation.

GroupInGo has the answer! Use our application to have hotels bid for your business! Tell us once about your group size, date of travel, special requirements select the hotels that you think will meet your needs. We then automate the communication between hotel properties that you are interested in for your group. Once the bids are in, you can negotiate with the hotels directly and get the best rates and upgrades! Sure beats calling each hotel to see if they have the availability and are able to accommodate your budget & organizations needs!

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